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Amir Al Oud – Al Helal arabian perfume

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AMIR AL OUD – AL Helal ARABIAN PERFUME OIL is an oriental fragrance with a fine, refined blend of Oudh, saffron, vanilla and roses.
The top note opens with roses and jasmine, although notes of Oudh already shimmer through here.
Soft and spicy follows the heart note with cardamom, saffron, Oudh and vetiver.
Amber, labdanum, patchouli, woods, sandalwood and vanilla close the perfume with a warm, creamy and woody finish.
Oudh Abyad is a wonderful combination of Oudh and roses, accompanied by saffron and jasmine and a velvety dry-down of amber and vanilla. It is very suitable for leisure time and in the evening.

Main accords: balsamic, warm spicy, woody, Oudh, roses, vanilla
• Recommendation: For women and men
• High-quality perfume oil free from alcohol
• Bottle with roller and label
• Manufacturer: AL Helal ARABIAN