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Bukhoor Naa´im

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Bakhoor is a blend of superior herbs, Powdered fragrances and Essential Attar. It is in the form of a small wood chips which can be broken into small pieces and then can be used with a bakhoor burner to make your home or office smell good. It delivers an invisible scented smoke that mixes with your room or office air to make it scented.

Direction of use: 

Take a small quantity ( 1 to 2 gm) from the wood chip and put it into the bakhoor burner. Let it burn for 5 minutes then turn off the bakhoor burner. Dont keep it burning for long time because it will start delivering the burning smell of the powder rather then delivering the fragrance of the powder. Use everyday for 5 minutes or according to your desire. Daily burning for 5 minutes will keep your home or office at a constant fragrant air.


Inhalt: ca. 40 g